Tracy Redhead is a musician, composer, researcher and producer. Over the past 20 years she has worked and continues to work on projects across music performance and recording, the music industry, interactive media and music technology sectors.
Tracy has released four albums and toured extensively. Recently, she has teamed up with producer Sofie Loizou (Anomie) to form the new electronic duo ‘Rochelle Salt’, set to launch their new Album in 2018. In 2016, she won the European Commission funded ‘Music Bricks’ incubation award. She also produced ‘The Madness of Crowds’ performance at the Ars Electronica Festival, Austria and was invited to Berlin to participate in the cutting edge ‘Performance Lab’ at Music Tech Fest (MTF) with bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta. This lead to her being featured in WIRED magazine as well as MIT media lab and MTF documentaries.

Currently completing a PhD exploring the impact of interactive technologies on new music products she is producing a variety of music based projects involving sensors, VR and binaural audio. In 2015 she underwent a residency at the Ars Electronica Future Lab investigating their archive of interactive art. She collaborated with Cold Cut, Ninja Tune and Immersive Album ( now Melody VR) working on designing the audio interaction on a concept VR Coldcut single. She is also currently an external artist on the FAST project, composing and creating dynamic audio products in collaboration with Florian Thalmann. Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption (FAST) is a five year project funded by EPSRC. The project partners include Queen Mary University of London, The University of Nottingham, Oxford e-Research Centre, Abbey Road Red, Internet Archive, BBC, Audio Labs and Solid State Logic.  “The project brings the very latest technologies to bear on the entire recorded music industry, end-to-end, producer to consumer, making the production process more fruitful, the consumption process more engaging, and the delivery and and intermediation more automated and robust.” FAST website 2017  Tracy will be completing an artist residency at Queen Mary University, London in October 2017.

She is the project manager and senior researcher for "The Economic and Cultural Value of Australian Music Exports" research project. The Australian Research Council and Industry Partners; Sounds Australia, APRA-AMCOS, The Australia Council for the Arts fund the project. The three-year study will; (a) map the Australian music export sector, (b) investigate new business models and strategies for music export and (c) provide case studies on how seven different countries support and develop music exports.  

She was the international project manager of the The International Space Time Concerto Competition and Concert series in which she coordinated the international networked music performance in 2012 between Beijing, Singapore, New Zealand, Ars Electronica Future Lab, Austria and Australia. She continues to work closely with the project’s Artist Director Prof Richard Vella at the CECAR research group.

She has also seen success in her music industry career being the founder of VROOM (Venue Resource of Original Music) an online national touring network created for AMIN (Australian Music Industry Network) and now licensed to Peer Group Media. She has also held positions as Executive Officer for the MMF, Australia (Music Managers Forum) and NACTMUS (National Council of Tertiary Music Schools), Melody Management (Hoodoo Gurus) and Project Manager at MusicNSW.

Her last solo Album, 'Walking Home a Different Way' produced by Tim Powles (The Church) received 4 stars in the Sydney Morning Herald and the first single “Where it Fits” received 10,000+ downloads and was play listed on Triple J, FBI, 3RRR and RTR Fm. The Album was released by Sydney label Perfect Sun, a recent venture for UK ex-pat Richard Roberts who signed PJ Harvey and Stereolab in his time as founder and owner of legendary London label Too Pure. She was part of the Green Mist working with Julien Poulson (Cambodian Space Project), Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) and Spencer P Jones (Beasts of Bourbon) and co-wrote and performed with Charlie Owen (Tex, Don and Charlie, Beast of Bourbon), Julien Poulson and Matt Moler on the Chapel of Ease album, 'When Night Falls'.


"Darkness and light blend in outstanding debut album... a versatile and intriguing talent." RAVE MAGAZINE 
"honest, catchy and melodic" RTR 92.1FM 
"Each track is like a turning the corner in a secret garden and discovering some new treasure to make you glad that you entered it." TIME OUT SYDNEY 

From her beginnings in suburban Perth as a self taught guitarist at the age of 15 to her 1998 WA tour as a 19 yr old with a just-starting-out John Butler to a trans-continental crossing to set up camp in Sydney in her early 20’s, singer songwriter Tracy Redhead has covered some ground.

Her first full length album is a testament to that and sticking to your craft while knowing that you have to walk a bit before you can run – that is, life’s experiences make for great songs. A labour of love that almost turned into a full time hobby, her new album ‘Walking Home A Different Way’ was written, refined, and recorded over a period of about 2 years with acclaimed drummer and producer, Tim Powles of The Church. Tracy played as many of the instruments as she possibly could, did the majority of lead and rhythm guitar parts. Her new band was predominantly formed before these recordings, but now features electronic producer Sofie Loizou on synthesizers.

Tracy says: Working with Tim gave me the biggest learning curve ever as a musician / songwriter. He really waited until the moment was right to record and managed to always find the magical take or part.... We both experimented, layering the album with melodies and interesting sounds, we tried to make a piece of art at the same time. He is such a creative and supportive producer that makes sure you can create an album that you can be proud of.

With the release of her debut solo album in 2008, Tracy has been happily cementing herself as a definite name on the local musical map with guest turns on recent albums from The Green Mist and The Chapel Of Ease where she played bass, sang lead vocal and co-wrote a portion of the albums tracks collaborating with local musicians Charlie Owen and Julien Poulson.

Tracy says: The Chapel of Ease is a really raw emotive recording and as freshly created as it gets. We all worked really hard. With The Green Mist, it was much more ‘rock and roll’ working with Lindsay Gravina at Birdland studios. Also, with The Green Mist, I couldn't believe I was collaborating with Brian from the Violent Femmes! They were one of my favourite bands growing up. I felt really privileged to be part of this recording and again it was really spontaneous.

‘Walking Home A Different Way’ displays songs heavily layered with lush melodies to others with a near Zeppelin-esque wail. The Album has received rave reviews including 4 stars in the Metro, Sydney Morning Herald. The first single “Where it Fits” is currently play listed on Triple J, FBI, 3RRR and RTR Fm with the film clip being played on Rage. The single has received awesome exposure via the Triple J website having recently been offered as a 'new artist' mp3 seeing 10,000+ downloads!

“Walking Home A Different Way’ was released by new Sydney label Perfect Sun, which is a recent venture for UK ex-pat Richard Roberts who signed PJ Harvey and Stereolab in his time as founder and owner of legendary London label Too Pure. Distribution nationally via Inertia.