Walking Home a Different Way 2008 - Perfect Sun / Inertia

Songwriter, Guitarist, Vocalist, Keyboards and Synths Produced by Tim Powles 
Released on Perfect Sun Records Distribution via Inertia
ISBN - 9332727009310


4 Stars - Sydney Morning Herald

"Redhead has produced something that can emotionally resonate with the masses, while not succumbing to the dirty prescriptions of mainstream pop music." Natalie Salvo - Faster Louder
"Walking Home A Different Way is a quality album that reveals itself more over time. The raw emotion and honest way Tracy sings makes for compelling listening, while the sweet melodies make for many repeat listens."   Anne Cobai - The Dwarf http://thedwarf.com.au/album_review/walking-home-a-different-way


Last Stop Antartica 2008 - The Green Mist

Released Mistophone Records / Inertia  
Published by Mushroom Music Publishing ISBN – 9332727009846


""...while the names are impressive, what's more so is the quality of the music, which is inky and sombre but still possessed of a relentless energy... seemingly disparate parts coming together to form a very impressive whole." 4 Stars. Dan Lander, Rolling Stone, Jan 08

"If you think that Errol Flynn was the last star to emerge from Hobart, then you obviously haven't heard of The Green Mist. Just like Robin Hood and his merry men, The Green Mist are a collective of rogues who describe themselves as characters from a Western – "gringos, banditos, femme fatales and all." Featuring a few old renegades – Spencer P. Jones (The Beasts of Bourbon), Charlie Owens, Tracy Redhead, John Sparrow and Jeff Hamilton (The Violent Femmes) to name just a few. It's a mix, or a mist to be precise."


When Night Falls 2008 - The Chapel of Ease

Released on Mistophone Records Distributed by Inertia 
Published by Mushroom Music Publishing ISBN - 9332727013157


"When dissecting names such as Julien Poulson, (ex-Moler) Charlie Owen (amongst others, Beasts of Bourbon) Tracy Redhead, Matt Moller and Anthony Rochester, lend this quasi-side project a fairly high degree of familiarity. What they manage to come up with will prove to be anything but familiar, instead incorporating a more lateral and intelligent vision in their debut effort, When Night Falls." The Dwarf

Self Titled EP 2004

Produced by Tracy Redhead and Band
Released Independently. Distribution through MGM
ISBN - 9319614008366

Where it Fits 2008
Is this Your World - 2009
Broken Wings - 2004
Happy - 2005

SCRUBBER – Experimental music project co-writing with Bob Scott and Robert Perrin