Networked Music Performance

One Drop was arranged for Chinese erhu, string ensemble, guitar and voice to explore layers of melodies to form overlapping textures.

The first video shows a combination of rehearsals and projection mapping development. The video was developed by Danielo Pati and projection mapping was done by Jonathan Rutherford.


The second video is of the performance during the concert "Around the World in 80 milliseconds" on 30th Nov 2012. 


One Drop composed by Tracy Redhead, performed at the Conservatorium of Newcastle Concert Hall and Beijing Central Conservatory. The networked music performance consisted of musicians playing together over the internet. The arrangements were composed to explore and use the latency as part of the performance.

Musicians Performing
Voice - Georgie Rose Davies-Kefecek
Guitar - Tracy Redhead
Violin - Claudia Cox
Violin -Hannah Nunn
Violin -Ben Lambert
Viola - Kin Chung Wong (From Yong Siew Toh Conservatory)
Viola - Tammi Low
Cello - Miranda Scott
Erhu - Yang Huimin (From Central Conservartory Beijing)
Erhu - Yan Yan (From Central Conservartory Beiji