The Interactive Music Producer
Interactive Audio Systems Symposium - York University
Redhead, Sep 2016
This paper introduces an investigation into the emerging role of the interactive music producer (IMP).This role has arisen as interactive technologies offer artists and audiences’ new tools and opportunities to completely reinvent forms of music. 


Composing And Recording For Fluid Digital Music Forms
Journal on the Art of Record Production
Redhead, July 2015
This study examines a new model for recorded music to determine possible effects this may have for artists and producers in creating a release format that invites user participation.


Interactive music formats : will audiences interact?
QUT Eprints
Redhead, February 2015
The purpose of this research was to conduct a pilot study of a prototype interactive music release format which sought to investigate the readiness of audiences to interact with an interactive alternative to a fixed recorded work. A prototype music interface was created for testing. The prototype was then tested on a sample of users to understand what factors might be critical to audience...


A report on collaborative music making at the university of Newcastle conservatorium of music
Redefining the musical landscape: Inspired learning and innovation in music education - XIX National Conference Proceedings.
Vella, Walsh, Scott, Redhead 2013
Collaborative Music Making at the University of Newcastle Conservatorium of Music comprises a series of core courses. To reflect the many collaborations existing in the real world of music amongst players, composers, producers, managers or technicians these courses approach many group activities in music making as a collaborative process. The courses encourage performing musicians and those...